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Thermal Plates


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Raven III Advanced



  • A low chemistry, third generation negative working thermal plate
  • 1-sided and available in .008 and .012 thicknesses
  • Very high resistance to pressroom chemicals
  • Run lengths of 250,000 impressions
  • Process with Clean Out Solution and Multi Finisher (see plate chemistry section)
  • Contact us for further details and availability

T-Dot Premier



  • A second generation positive working thermal plate
  • Double-coated for long runs and high resistance to UV inks and pressroom chemicals
  • Over 500,000+ impressions (unbaked) and over 1-million (baked) impressions
  • Available in .005, .008 and .012 thicknesses
  • up to 150,000 impressions using UV inks
  • Process with T-Dot Developer and T-Dot Replenisher (see plate chemistry section)
  • Contact us for further details and availability

Conqueror Endura



Chemical resistant to alcohol-free fountain solutions and other pressroom solutions.

  • Low chemical consumption; simple water rinse is all that is required to clean processor
  • Available in.005, .008, and .012 guages
  • Wide Exposure and processing latitude
  • 400,000 impressions (unbaked); up to 100,000 impressions
  • Using metallic and UV inks; and up to 1 million impresssions (baked)

Recommended use of Conqueror Enduro Developer/Replenisher


Insta-Print HD Processless Thermal CTP



designed to deliver the quality and productivity of traditional thermal processed plates

  • Performs well with alcohol substitute fountain solutions
  • Available in.005, .008, and .012 guages
  • visible image after imaging
  • Up to 100,000 impressions

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