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Offset Inks

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  • Oil-based formulated ink
  • Made specifically to dry instantly but stay open in the ink fountain up to 48 hours
  • Available in low tack and medium tack formulations
  • Excellent rub resistance
  • Suitable for high-speed, multi-unit, duplicator-size presses and perfecting presses
  • Available in 15 standard base colors, 4 process colors, and Intense Dense Black
  • Vacuum-sealed 2.2lb (1 kilo) & 5.5 (2.5 kilo) cans

StarDot Metallic


  • Pre-mixed Gold 871-876 & Silver 877
  • Vacuum-sealed 2.2lb (1 kilo) cans



  • Waterless ink
  • Designed to run on direct-imaging presses
  • Exceptional press performance, productivity and quality
  • Available in medium tack formulation for cooler pressroom climate
  • Available in high tack formulation for warmer climate
  • Four process colors
  • Soy-based formula for a clean and environmentally friendly solution
  • Available in 5lb cans

Custom Mixed Ink


  • We can custom mix our StarDot ink and ship special colors within 24 hours
  • Prices based on the specified color & formulation
  • Shipped in 1lb & 5lb cans

Overprint Varnishes


  • High gloss & matte varnishes
  • Offers excellent performance on conventional offset presses
  • Dries without yellowing
  • Vacuum-sealed 5.5lb (2.5 kilo) cans

Cold Web Ink


  • Formulated specifically for newspaper publishing
  • Four process colors
  • 30-gallon drums & 28-pound kits

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